First Real Estate Shoot!

Recently I did my first real estate shoot! Fortunately, I rented a wide angle lens, and if I were to do these types of shoots regularly, I would be buying a wide angle lens. I think it went pretty well. This is what the homeowners said:

“Beautiful! Nice job. They look better than the house actually is so I hope it doesn’t work against us. Lol”

“Hi Janet, yes the photos were fantastic.Thanks so much!! We have two people extremely interested already.”

If you are selling your home or are a realtor and need some professional images of your listings, please contact me.

Here is a collage of some of the images. I’ll be putting them on my website for a better view soon.


Warning! Don’t Be Fooled Like I Was

To continue on with my crazy for canvas topic, I just want to put a word of warning out about an online company that I ordered two canvases from recently.
Canvas Discount I was suckered in by their very low prices. Not realizing until after I received my order that I had to put the canvas on the frame myself! This is not clearly stated on their site. Not to me, anyway. Go look and see what you think. Imagine my disappointment when instead of seeing the usual square boxes on my porch I see a long thin one containing rolled up canvases and a puzzle of wood pieces! And to make things worse, the quality of the prints are very bad. If they were up to my standards, I would maybe be less upset, but they’re not. So just return them. What’s the problem, Janet? Geesh!! Yeah, well the problem is this company or so it claims to be, is run out of Germany, but has a Miami, Florida phone number and address. To make a return, you’re supposed to email them first, which I have done twice and twice the email gets bounced back as undeliverable. So I call the number. First time I get a busy signal. Last two times it just rings and rings and rings… no answering machine. Nada! I’ve Googled the CEO’s name, Daniel Mühlbauer. Nothing comes up linking that name to this company. So what do I do now? I’m not sure. If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them. But, trust me about this. Do NOT order anything from this company.

It Was Fear All Along

Hi! Well, guess it’s been awhile since my last post here. Hasn’t it? Almost six months! Time sure flies. Seems the older I get, the faster it goes…

Yes, tonight I finally realized why I haven’t hung any of my framed images in my living room. I’ve hung them in other parts of the house, but the walls in that room remained bare and lifeless. I was moving the furniture around making room for the Christmas tree we’ve yet to get and decided to hang a few images since I had the couches away from the walls making it easier to pound in nails. Had the ones chosen and everything… then I went to pound the nail and realized I couldn’t hang this heavy framed photo above the couch. What if it fell on someone or something? My son, a cat, me!? I wasn’t willing to take the chance. These are heavy with very pointed corners. Serious injury could result! Luckily I had two canvas wraps available that go perfectly on those walls. No worries of them falling and hurting someone. They are lightweight so even if they did fall, there’s a slight risk of it hurting someone. I’ve been on a canvas wrap craze lately. Besides being light in weight eliminating the need to locate a stud in the wall, the colors and texture of the material enhance the image immensely. There is no glass to break or get smudged with fingerprints, and no glare! The canvas is stretched over a box frame continuing the image along the sides giving a gallery effect. Widths of .75″, 1.5″ and 2″ are available. I’m partial to the 1.5″ one. Any size is possible from very large to make a bold statement or you could group several smaller ones for a cool wall collage that can be rearranged on a whim because they are so easy to hang and move. Any type image looks fabulous made into a canvas wrap. Anything from pets to people to landscapes to macros of flowers. Anything at all. Here are some examples, but to really appreciate them, you must see them in person. More can be seen on my website Janet Lee Photography I’d love to know what you think. Have you ever worried about framed images falling and hurting someone?

Up to Speed

Here are some images I’ve created since my last post in October.
Click on to see larger.
To see more, please go to my website