Oh Christmas Tree!!!

It was later in the afternoon this past Sunday when my two boys and I went out to get our Christmas tree. I had done some research online and decided to stay close to home and chose Cedarvale Maple Syrup Co. So we get there and the guy says all he has is what is cut out front. My plan was to cut a fresh one…I said ‘are you sure? what about the ones across the road?” too small he says. I must’ve looked convincingly disappointed because then he said ‘there might be something out back’ and mentioned he had to trim some branches off a few because of deer nibblings. my word, not his… Yay! We got a saw and made out way up the hill and through the maple syrup harvesting tubed areas to the back lot…. The choices weren’t many, but we only needed one. It was quite nice out. A little snow on the ground. Not windy. Just a little chilly, and the light was fading. Of course I brought my camera to document this family event. I think the last time both boys went with me to cut a tree was when Lee was just a little guy in a snowsuit. Long time ago!