Lovely Lavender at Lockwood Farm

Come to the Lavender Festival at Lockwood Farm, Rte 41A, Skaneateles, NY July 9 & 10! There’ll be delicious food to eat, unique and beautiful art to admire and buy, and lots of lovely lavender products to buy! And you can cut yourself a fabulously smelling lavender bouquet!


Love Is Blooming In The Rose Garden

I Beg Your Pardon…..

I never promised you a rose garden, but here it is anyway. Surprise!! Met one of my photo buds, Wendy, at the rose garden on the hill, also known as Thornden also known as E.M. Mills Memorial Rose Garden for our annual rose shooting session. Was a lovely evening! Stay tuned for more. It’s late, and I’m exhausted from shooting roses!

Pretty Pink Peonies

Trip to Treman

Took a little trip down to Robert S.Treman Park in Ithaca, NY this past Thursday with a fellow nature lover who just happens to be an outstanding landscape photographer. Was a beautiful day. Did a lot of uphill/up stairs walking. My calves are still sore! But, it was worth it. The lighting was a bit harsh so I didn’t get a ton of shots. We’ll just have to go back!

Lookin' Up!

Peek of Blue

Robert S. Treman Park, Ithaca, NY

Tulip Time in Franklin Square

The sun finally came out so I went down to Franklin Square Thursday afternoon to get some images of the beautiful blooms. Was a beautiful day!

Falls Old and New

Here are some waterfall shots taken in 2008 and just last weekend. Plan on getting out to take more very soon. With all the rain we’ve had, I’m sure they’ll be quite splendid! So stay tuned!