It’s Time to Catch Up



Here’s the Reader’s Digest version of what’s been going on with me:
I had my sunroom redone because of water damage. Ended up being a bigger job than expected, but luckily the insurance covered it. Phew! Major kudos to the guys
from Allcraft Home Improvement especially Sam! They were wonderful!

Went Hot Air Balloon Chasing With Wendy

And Sunset Chasing With Chris

Did Some Sessions Out at Lockwood Lavender Farm despite the heat and humidity although I did have to reschedule a couple of times. Once due to heat and once due to wind. All didn’t go perfectly, but I learned a lot for sure.

Got Some Swimming In. Was a perfect summer for that! I miss my pool. If you know me at all, you know I despise cold weather so you didn’t hear me complaining about the heat this summer.

Made The Cover of Plank Road Magazine And Was The Featured Entrepreneur For The WISE Center In The September Issue Of Syracuse Woman Magazine! My first cover and first time being featured in an article. Thank you Plank Road and  WISE Ctr and Syracuse Woman!

Shipped My Youngest Off To College, and He Seems to Be Adjusting Well
Judging By How Little I Hear From Him. He claims he’s very busy with classes and homework, which I mostly believe. He’s a very smart and hardworking young man, and I’m very proud of him, but I do miss him quite a lot.

And sadly my sisters and brother and I said our final goodbye our mom on September 15th. She was 89 Years Old and One Tough Cookie! Still trying to get used to her really being gone. She usually made faces whenever she saw a camera pointing at her, but thankfully I was vigilant and managed to get several wonderful images of her throughout the years.


I’m so glad I took this picture.

So there’s been some ups and there’s been some downs, but I’m still standing because I’m my mother’s daughter and also one tough cookie!