Warning! Don’t Be Fooled Like I Was

To continue on with my crazy for canvas topic, I just want to put a word of warning out about an online company that I ordered two canvases from recently.
Canvas Discount I was suckered in by their very low prices. Not realizing until after I received my order that I had to put the canvas on the frame myself! This is not clearly stated on their site. Not to me, anyway. Go look and see what you think. Imagine my disappointment when instead of seeing the usual square boxes on my porch I see a long thin one containing rolled up canvases and a puzzle of wood pieces! And to make things worse, the quality of the prints are very bad. If they were up to my standards, I would maybe be less upset, but they’re not. So just return them. What’s the problem, Janet? Geesh!! Yeah, well the problem is this company or so it claims to be, is run out of Germany, but has a Miami, Florida phone number and address. To make a return, you’re supposed to email them first, which I have done twice and twice the email gets bounced back as undeliverable. So I call the number. First time I get a busy signal. Last two times it just rings and rings and rings… no answering machine. Nada! I’ve Googled the CEO’s name, Daniel Mühlbauer. Nothing comes up linking that name to this company. So what do I do now? I’m not sure. If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them. But, trust me about this. Do NOT order anything from this company.


12 thoughts on “Warning! Don’t Be Fooled Like I Was

  1. I do something like this before…after searching Facebook for a couple hours I found a page for the company in question, a couple email there along with 2 days of posting messages about them on my page, I received a refund.


  2. I ordered 2 canvases from them on Dec. 1 and still have not received – they don’t reply to email and if you call the Miami line it just rings busy. SO wishing I had a review like this before ordering from them!

  3. Katie, I got through to this guy on Sunday after a friend sent me links to some sites where others were complaining. There was an email to the company on the site so I wrote to it and George Hustus wrote me back. So try emailing him. I’m sending the items I bought back to them. Wish me luck on getting my money back! george@bestcanvas.com
    Keep me posted.

  4. Dang! I wish I read this before I ordered… I just googled Daniel Muhlbauer’s name because I’m pissed. haha. It’s been 12 days since I ordered and haven’t received my order yet. I called and got a busy signal. I emailed them, but no response. wow. I too, was suckered because the low prices…

  5. OMG I wish I had looked up information before buying from them. I bought a large 30×40 canvas and paid for it to be on the wood frame and it arrived rolled up in a box. On the box was a phone number, so when I called and someone answered they asked if I wanted a full refund or to have it put on the wooden frame. I told them I wanted it on the frame, so I sent it back by way of Fedex, and paid $24 to ship it to them. I had to write STRETCH all over the box. THEN I found my online order confirmation and I had originally PAID for the wooden frame and for it to be stretched, so it appears I paid for it and got a rolled up one anyway. Then I called over and over the number on the invoice, which is different than the number on the box (gonna contact Fedex for that number) and NO ONE is answering… and of course no one is replying to my e-mails… so I called VISA.. and I have begun a dispute for my money back. I have to wait to sign papers and then that’s the end of the problem. I cannot believe that this company is scamming so many people. I want to order from Canvas4Life right now as my friend received hers and they are gorgeous, but I’m not looking to throw out $150 more dollars until I get my money back. I HATE SCAMMERS… HATE THEM… GOOD LUCK ALL 🙂

  6. Sadly, I was dooped as well. The website was VERY misleading. It even displayed how the canvas would look on a wooded frame, sides, dimensions, but I only had the canvas rolled up and delivered to me. I called and told them I would return it and wanted a refund, they refused. They would not take the canvas back and I haven’t gotten a penny back. Is there anything I can do?? Or do I have to take the loss? 😦 Ugh!

  7. Thanks for the info. I am a photographer and I was considering using this company to drop ship to my customers so I decided to put their customer support to the test before I did and they FAILED big time. I am glad I didn’t order a print. Thank you!

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